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USPI Annual MB Meeting 09 June 2016 (2)

On 09 June 2016 the USPI annual MB meeting was held at the ISVW (International School of Philosophy) in Amersfoort, NL. The meeting ran from 13.00 - 18.00 hr. followed by drinks. 

The meeting was open to staff from member companies and staff from non-members companies. There was no  charge for participation. 


The main topics of the agenda were: 

  • Creation of the International Information Standards Committee (IISC) under IOGP, the association of Oil & Gas producers.  The committee can be seen as an Owner Operator Forum with the purpose to formulate their user requirements for international standards in the process industries.  

  • The alignment of engineering data libraries of Chevron, BP and Shell to the CFIHOS RDL the standard for information handover tin the plant engineering supply chain. 

  • The International Standard Datasheet Definition (ISDD) project done by MIMOSA and Fiatech aimed at providing common data sheet definitions for data sheet that are commonly used in engineering the process industries. The project fits the development of the OEII  

  • The development  

  • Views of MIMOSA on the OGI (Oil & Gas Interoperability) project and international cooperation. 

  • Views of Siemens Power & Gas on a "common language for interoperability supported by international standards 

  • Status update on the CFIHOS project for information handover specification from plant owner to EPC contractor 

  • Status update on the MKM project for Maintenance Knowledge Management where the NEN NTA-1/2/3 will be presented 

  • Networking session in which several items were presented e.g. the proposed use of Standard Technical English as in Aerospace. 


You can download the final agenda, participants list and the presentations made to the meeting here. 


Should you have any queries on the meeting, please contact me directly.