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Plant Owners Workshop 27 Jan 2014 (2)

On 27 Jan 2014 a PLant Owners workshop will be held at the conference center of Capgemini in Papendorp at Utrecht, The Netherlands

The purpose of the workshop is to engage with you on current and new information standards to improve plant delivery and performance, and to review the practical experience and value realized by organizations that have implemented these standards.


The objectives of the workshop are to:

1) To understand which mature standards are in use today for

· Plant design, data exchange and software integration (e.g. ISO 15926)

· Plant handover to operations (e.g. CFIHOS)

· Plant maintenance (e.g. ISO 14224, Maintenance Knowledge Management, Nederlandse Technische Afspraak/Dutch Norm)

· Risk based asset data quality improvement (e.g. PAS 55, ISO 8000)

2) To articulate the value potential of plant engineering information standards as compared to other improvement initiatives.

· For project managers

· For operations managers

· For IT managers

3) To review and discuss deployment options and methods

· To review the options for implementation

· To understand implementation risks and success criteria

· To create an active network of plant owners working on the implementation of internal and external standards

· To explore options for accelerating convergence and next steps


The workshop will also seek to widen the participation of plant owners in the implementation of the current standards that are a result of work done over the past 15 years.

For details of the workshop see here.