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DIG Meeting 10-14 Dec 2012 (2)

In the week from 10-14 Dec 2012 the DIG (Data Integration Group) meeting was held iat the offices of Shell at Rijswijk, NL. The purpose of this meeting is to bring the key international standardisation groups together to align onn the road to mature engineering information exchange and iontegration.

The objectives of this meeting were to


  1. Report global achievements in standardisation of engineering information in the process industry in 2012.
  2. Achieve alignment of developments and agree actions
  3. To progress the CFIHOS project, the eBook project
  4. To progress ISO 15926-4



In 2005 a workshop was held in Wilmington at the offices of Dupont with the purpose to discuss standardization efforts in the process industry. There were representatives of plant owners, EPC contractors and software suppliers on a global scale. In total some 30 staff.


The workshop concluded that the process industry groups present would work towards one single ISO standard i.e. ISO 15926. We would focus on achieving ISO 15926-4 and improving its quality through maintenance. Also it was agreed to compare various methods of implementing international standards.

Since then every year a meeting has been held with the key groups working on international standards for the process industry plant engineering supply chain. In view of the nature of the group it was called DIG after Data Integration Group. The subject areas reflect the interest and activities of the various DIG groups involved.