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New Member LogicaCMG 27 Feb 2006 (2)

Welcome to Hugo Belder Mgt Board Representative for LogicaCMG.



LogicaCMG offers its solution License-to-Operate to asset operators in Oil & Gas and engineering project principals who need to build & operate large Oil &Gas infrastructure in a safe & secure way within time & budget, consistent with regulations, at lowest possible costs. Our License-to-Operate solution is a service including software and consultancy that increases time-to-market of new infrastructure, reduces costs and increases reliability and quality of compliance during operations.

Unlike implementation services provided by asset management software vendors or Oil & Gas service companies our License-to-Operate solution provides:

  • Full lifecycle management of asset information tightly linked to processes and organization
  • Safer operations based on high quality information available for all stakeholders
  • Reduces number of safety breaches and unplanned safety stops
  • Faster, better and easier handover of asset information throughout commissioning up to operations and maintenance
  • Asset Configuration management at lower costs through quality management cycles


The solution is part of the LogicaCMG Energy and Utilities proposition and aims at Oil & Gas Asset Operators and Oil & Gas Engineering Project Principals. It is also applicable in the utility market, water market and petrochemical industry.