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New Member Gobar Adviseurs 25 Sep 2008 (2)

Welcome to Henk Schaap Mgt Board Representative for Gobar Adviseurs.

Gobar is an independent consultancy company that offers advice and management for issues related to information and communication. The activity coincides with the life cycle of construction objects: design, construction and maintenance. We support our clients in the improvement of design and build processes. Important areas of expertise are: management communication, object communication, building construction information models, development and implementation of new technology and standards.

MB Member Gobar Adviseurs for USPI
Henk Schaap graduated in 1978 in mechanical engineering with a specialization in systems & control. After having worked some years as a specialist mechanical engineering, he became IT-manager in the engineering office Nevesbu, a company that is active in Naval Ship Design and Engineering. 
In that role he was responsible for the development and deployment of automated systems for configuration management, production information, information exchange, CAD and ship design.In the period from 1987 to 1996 Henk Schaap was responsible for LOGOS Industrial Automation, an organisation specialising in software application for the design and management of technical products and installations. LOGOS was active with services and software for civil engineering, process industry, maritime and aviation industries. In 1996, he has set up the consultancy company "GOBAR adviseurs". The company focuses on improving business processes in engineering, construction and asset management. Information and Communication Technology will be regarded as a means of shaping innovations. Important areas of expertise are: management communication, object communication and building construction information models, systems engineering and implementation.