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New Member Cargill 17 Jun 2013 (2)

Welcome to Berend Lindeman, Maintenance and Reliability Leader of Cargill as Management Board member for USPI


Cargill produces sweeteners, starch and starch derivatives for a range of food and non-food applications. At our plants in Sas van Gent and Bergen op Zoom Cargill processes wheat and corn into starches, starches derivates, wheat proteins and glucose. Main customers for this products are coming from the food industry including confectioners, brewers, beverage makers, dairies and bakeries.

Netherlands locations: Sas van Gent, Bergen op Zoom</li>

Industrial applications
We also manufacture and distribute a broad range of native and modified starches and derivatives such as polyols and dextroses to the paper, corrugating and chemicals/industrial binders industries. Cargill also produces starches for other industrial applications such as oilfields and household cleaning products.</p>