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New Member Datum360 Aug 2015 (2)

Datum360 joined USPI in August 2015. We welcome Lin Whitworth, who will represent Datum360 on the Management Board (MB) of USPI.

Lin Whitworth Datum360

Lin Whitworth is Datum360’s Director of Client Services, his extensive and pragmatic oil and gas engineering information management experience has enabled multiple owner/operators to have confidence in rolling out the safe and optimal operation of their assets.                                                                      

Datum360 delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) and advisory services to the process industry with world leading software technology and expertise for the specification, capture, assurance and management of engineering information.
Our mission for every engineer and technician in the industry is to help them deliver or receive ‘Engineering Information as it should be’.

Datum360 have joined USPI in order to share our domain expertise, along with our understanding of the pragmatic benefits of standard Class Library standardisation. We want to help develop further best practice by contributing to the CFIHOS initiative.