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New Member Etteplan / Tedopres 22 Jun 2014 (2)

Welcome to Roland Grimm, CFO of Etteplan / Tedopres as Management Board member for USPI

 Roland Grimm Etteplan / Tedopress

Established in 1974, we specialize in all assets that come with technical documentation, including controlled authoring, (technical) translation in over 50 languages, technical illustration and software development to support the creation and management of technical documentation, including manuals for installation, operation and maintenance (service), as well as patent & intellectual property documentation, workflow and process documentation, training material and parts catalogues.
Industry leaders including Philips Healthcare, Boeing, ASML, IHC Merwede, GEA, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Yamaha, Black & Decker, Dutch Defense Organization, Rijkswaterstaat, KLM Air France etc. trust us to handle their most complex documentation projects.

Etteplan|Tedopres believes that the strategic value of high-quality technical information is increasingly becoming more important for the Oil, Gas Process and Power industry.
Industry standards and protocols used throughout the supply-chain increases the efficiency and safety in the MRO processes significantly. It also provides the basis to implement new technologies that support the end user to have the right information available at the right time.
Therefore Etteplan|Tedopres wants to actively support USPI with the development and implementation of standards and practices for the Process Industry.