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New CFIHOS Member Sharecat Solutions 30 May 2017

Sharecat Solutions has joined the CFIHOS project as review member as per 17 May 2017. We welcome Dag Pettersen, who will represent Sharecat Solutions.



A Norwegian citizen with 25 years of international management experience. CEO of Sharecat Solutions, an innovative company providing a complete new approach on how to manage technical vendor information for asset intensive industries.  Main focus have been customer engagement resulting in international growth from global contracts with tier 1 oil companies, outsourcing contracts. Experienced board member for several IT services companies.

As most Norwegians; Just love skiing!!

SHAREcat provides a unique cloud-based product for managing and sharing technical vendor information where our products and services collect, validate and deliver all required technical data and documentation providing significant value to both greenfield and brownfield activities. We are interested in seeing how SHAREcat can be set up to utilize the CFIHOS standard for both functional and physical classes. Sharecat Solutions also have extensive expertise and a well proven class library used by multiple companies in the oil&gas industry that can bring value to the CFIHOS standard.