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New CFIHOS Member Honeywell 19 May 2017

Honeywell Process Solutions has joined the CFIHOS project as review member as per 19 May 2017. We welcome Rene van Falier, who will represent Honeywell Process Solutions.


Rene van Falier, Engineering Leader PAS EMEA.

Based in Honeywell Process Solutions in Amsterdam. Leading total teams of more than 400 engineers across 25 countries in EMEA. Good Information Management is key for successful execution of large and complex projects in which many different external (and internal) parties are involved.

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), automation, control and safety solutions for installations in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power and other related industries.

The Process Automation Solutions (PAS) division is responsible for the full execution of projects in this market, including FEED studies, Engineering Design & Implementation, System delivery, Cabinet manufacturing, Testing & FAT and Site Commissioning activities. HPS PAS can also act as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) for the projects mentioned above.