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ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3 Meeting 03-07 Oct 2016 Seattle

From 03-07 Oct 2016 the ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3/22 meeting was held at Seattle, USA.


Over 20 participants joined the meeting, representing 10 countries. 

The achievements of the WG 3/22 meeting measured against the goals were: 

  1. ISO 15926 to deliver a consistent, coherent, and complete set of parts 
    • Supporting the requirements of process industry supply chain for integration and interoperability of information by providing reference data and reference information models implementable in their software.   
    • The set of parts should be maintained and tested and funded and supported by software industry. 
  2. Currently achieving this goal is hampered
    • We offer three different methodologies for integration and interoperability leading to three different sets of reference data and reference models. And the data model and reference data are fragmented in their representations.
    • Seattle: Agree the concerns / gaps we have today with existing set of parts against the main goal. (Note existing = what exists or nearly published i.e. Part 12/13)
  3. Agree how to move from the existing set to a consistent, coherent and complete implementable set of parts
    • Develop a new ISO 15926 Architecture – Based on SC4 Future Architecture – that meets this long term goal as we see it now for the period 2016-2020. This will include reference data, reference product models,  conformance, testing, funding, maintenance etc.
    • Seattle: Agree the long term functional requirements of process industries as developed for the roadmap.
    • Seattle: Agree how we can meet these i.e. define team to propose implementable solutions
  4. Deliver the ISO 15926 roadmap capturing the changes to be made to the current set of parts to represent the new ISO 15926 architecture
    • Seattle: Agree how we will deliver the ISO 15926 Roadmap clauses 1 u/I 14 (up to the point of drafting changes to the individual parts). Define team, industry acceptance gaps and long term goal 
  5. Plans for bringing AP221 for intelligent schematics into ISO 15926
    • Develop a plan for schematics AP 242, ISO 15926, ISA 5.1 and ISO10208 with stakeholders
    • Seattle: Agree how to create the business case for a part of ISO 15926 – XX for exchange of intelligent schematics in the light of existing material and developments in other groups
  6. The main goals are reflected in the WG 3 Business Plan 2015-2018 
    • The BP has been discussed in Sapporo and last changes have been agreed and accommodated. The resulting BP has been distributed. 
    • Seattle: Agree the ISO format of the WG3 Business Plan and how we will use it to plan and monitor progress of WG 3/22. 


The agenda: 

Sunday 02 Oct 2016
13:00 – 15:00 Convener/PPC meeting to preview the SC 4 meeting during the week

Monday 03 Oct 2016
08:00 - 10:00 SC 4 Technical Opening Plenary. 

Tuesday 04 Oct 2016 
08:00 – 12:00 WG 3/22 
13:00 – 17:00 WG 3/22

Friday  07 Oct 2017
08:00 - 10:00 SC 4 Technical CLosing Plenary 

Should you wish to know more about the ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3/22 meeting, please contact Paul van Exel, Director of USPI.