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ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3 Meeting 03-07 May Oslo

From 03-07 May 2017 the ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3/22 meeting was held at Oslo, Norway


Over 20 participants joined the meeting, representing 10 countries. 

The achievements of the WG 3/22 meeting measured against the goals were: 

  1. Oslo goal: achieve consensus on the suitability of the improved Part 4 Top Class Structure and the process to consolidate it. 
    • WG 3 approved the new Part 4 Top Class Structure as the right way forward. 
    • All in WG3/22 have been invited to give comments. 
    • It was agreed work needs to be done to improve the message of the slides.   

  2. Oslo goal: achieve consensus on the terms of reference for the ISO 15926 Future Architecture Team. 
    • WG 3/22 accepted the proposed TOR. Paul and Nils will add proposed names, deadlines and priorities. 
    • A WG 3/22 teleconference will be planned at short notice to approve the final document.

  3. Oslo goal: achieve agreement on the BP items to work on with priority with available and committed resources.
    • A questionnaire had been distributed to ask what items from the BP2015-2018 experts wish to work on and invest in. 
    • A walk through the questionnaire was done to ensure all understand what to do with a deadline of two weeks (22 May 2017). 

  4. Oslo goal: agree what WG 3/22 can and should do to support TC 184 WG 6
    • It was agreed the work of TC 184 WG 6 is important to the process industries. WG 3/22 will therefore stay committed to support TC 184 WG 6. 
    • During the week, WG 3/22, WG 6, IOGP-ISCC had a meeting to discuss cooperation in ISO and in the industry groups. It was agreed the OGI (Oil and Gas Interoperability) pilot will act as testing bed for standards WG 3/22 and WG 6 wish to jointly demonstrate.

  5. Oslo goal: achieve consensus on the business case for a standard for neutral exchange of intelligent schematics. Agree an outline of how this could best be achieved.
    • There is now a good understanding of the business case of an ISO-IEC standard for intelligent schematics. It was agreed for SC 4 to launch a PWI to define the principles and approaches to such a standard. The various sectors may define and realize NWI’s under that umbrella meeting their sector requirements.   
    • On Thursday in the IF the DEXPI groups presented a proposed standard for neutral exchange of intelligent P&ID’s in the process industries. This standard may also be realized under the mentioned umbrella. 

  6. Oslo goal: achieve consensus to publish a simple guide for using the rules of Part 6.  
    • It was agreed to create and publish such document at short notice. 
    • A small team volunteered consisting of Paul, Lina, David (to be verified) 

  7. Oslo goal: present and discuss the OWL DL option included in ISO TR 15926-14 
    • A presentation was made by Arild Waaler from the university of Oslo and Johan Klüwer from DNV GL about OWL Semantic Reasoning.
    • It was agreed to document the OWL2 DL option carefully in ISO/TR 15926-14. 

  8. Oslo goal: agree the future of ISO 15926-9 facades.
    • To speed-up the process of getting clarity on the terms of reference of Part 9, it was agreed to launch a PWI at short notice which may attract a wider group of experts interested in exchange between companies through facades. A resolution to that effect was adopted.  
    • A NWI could then be launched before Jeju in Nov 2017.

  9. Oslo goal: approve the proposed resolutions of the ISO 15926-10 NWI issues.
    • The proposed NWI ballot issue resolutions were approved with a minor textual modification. Since the time available to complete the CD and DIS ballots within the deadlines, it was agreed to request ISO to extend the 3-year scheme to the 4-year scheme. 
    • The CD ballot should be done before Jeju Nov 2017. The DIS ballot limit date will be 19 Mar 2018. We believe this is doable. 
    • The editor Hiroshi Okada presented the concept of Part 10 and the relationship between conformance to whole series and conformance to the individua parts.

  10. Oslo goal: Four Change Requests to Part 4 to be presented and discussed:
    • Four change requests to Part 4 were presented and discussed
    • CR6-1: Structure, Improvements from PCA RDL
    • CR7: Items missing in Part 4, from CFIHOS  
    • CR8: Activities & processes, from RDL2 
    • CR9: Process control, from RDL2

  11. Oslo goal: the DPPC TF report to be presented and discussed for comments WG 3/22
    • The report from the DPPC TF was presented and discussed for comments. A resolution was on ISO/IEC DPPC Task Force drafted:
    • SC 4 offers to support the further development of the requirements for the future DPPC as well as the proposed JWG to maintain the DPPC

  12. A report was presented and discussed on the common RDL for SC4
    • The figure below outline the agreed path forward for common RDL for SC4


The agenda: 

Sunday 02 Oct 2016

13:00 – 15:00 Convener/PPC meeting to preview the SC 4 meeting during the week

Monday 03 Oct 2016

08:00 - 10:00 SC 4 Technical Opening Plenary. 

Tuesday 04 Oct 2016 

08:00 – 12:00 WG 3/22 

13:00 – 17:00 WG 3/22  

Friday  07 Oct 2017

8.00 - 10.00 SC 4 Technical Closing Plenary 

Should you wish to know more about the ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3/22 meeting, please contact Paul van Exel, Director of USPI.