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New CFIHOS Member McDermott Inc 25 Aug 2017

McDermott Inc has joined the CFIHOS project as review member as per 24 August 2017. We welcome Harit Naik who will represent McDermott in the detailed project discussions.



Harit has closed to 20 years of experience in revitalise innovation, process driven and result oriented technology and business in Upstream – Subsurface & Subsea & Downstream domain of the oil & gas industry. He is accountable to direct, manage and facilitate different types of projects and initiatives within the allocated engineering budget. Responsible for encouraging more innovation among the 1,150 engineers spread across the three areas and corporate headquarters.

McDermott Inc: a tier-one leader in project engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and delivery for the offshore and subsea markets, McDermott serves a diversified client base of independent, international and national oil companies. McDermott’s strategic success begins, and ends, with our customers. We build long-standing client relationships through three operating areas (Americas, Europe & Africa, Middle East and Asia) with an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution. McDermott has engineered some of the most complex fixed, floating and subsea facilities in the industry with a focus on innovative, cost efficient design and constructability.