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New CFIHOS Member Covestro 06 Nov 2017

Covestro has joined the CFIHOS project as Core member as per 06 November 2017. We welcome Dennis Fan who will represent Covestro.

About Dennis Fan: Project Management Office lead for the OSI2020 program which works on optimized system integration for the production & technology segment Covestro. One part of this is to build an integrated plant & engineering platform (IPEP) that will rely on a fully integrated set of data / documentation along the asset lifecycle.

Covestro is among the leading suppliers of premium polymers. Our materials and application solutions are found in nearly every area of modern life. As a global company we embrace the idea of close collaboration between our technical centers, innovation hubs, production plants and external partners. Clear standards for data exchange help to make this collaboration easier and smoother. Not only for the handover after projects but continuously during the entire asset lifecycle.