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New CFIHOS Member Saipem as per 18 Dec 2017

Saipem has joined the CFIHOS project as core member as per 18 December 2017. We welcome Luca Ferrario who will take part in the detailed project discussions. 


About Luca Ferrario: Special Program Department Manager in Saipem Corporate Digital Organization with focus on Saipem digital transformation. The activities are innovation-focused in process analysis and identification of digital solution to increase production efficiency. All this is based on Saipem Information Management methodology

About Saipem: Saipem is one of the global leader in drilling services, as well as in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of pipelines and complex projects, onshore and offshore, in the oil & gas market. Saipem has distinctive competences in operations in harsh environments, remote areas and deepwater, providing a full range of services with contracts on an "EPC" and/or "EPCI" ("turn-key" basis) and we distinctive capabilities and unique assets with highest technological content.