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New USPI/CFIHOS Member DesTrail as per 21 Jun 2018

DesTrail joined USPI and will also join the CFIHOS project as Review member as per 21 June 2018. We welcome Thomas Bronzwaer who will represent DesTrail on the Management Board (MB) of USPI. 


About Thomas Bronzwaer:
As an expert in the development of scientific/engineering software, I lead the development of DesTrail’s products, which revolve solely around information management (data modeling and exchange, physically-motivated simulations, etc.) Educational background: BS, computer science; BS, aerospace engineering; MS, physics & astronomy; PhD, astrophysics..

About DesTrail:
DesTrail is building a next-generation engineering-data format and platform, which will allow engineers to work faster and OEM’s/EPC’s to exchange data easier.
We are highly interested in making our data compliant with CFIHOS, and, if desired, to assist with the development of CFIHOS templates for components that haven’t yet been described in the standard, such as centrifugal pumps.