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New CFIHOS Member BHGE as per 09 Jul 2018

BHGE has joined the CFIHOS project as Review member as per July 2018. We welcome Faisal Iqbal who will represent BHGE.



About Faisal Iqbal:
Faisal Iqbal has over 20 years of experience in delivering technology based high value solutions in engineering and manufacturing organization across Automotive, Aviation, Transportation, Power &Utilities, and Oil & Gas.

His current role, as Leader of BHGE Digital Engineering organization, focuses on driving use of digital processes, data & technologies connecting Engineering to Enterprise functions (Sales, Manufacturing, Sourcing & Services) realizing customer outcomes through organizational productivity & efficiency gains, and reduction in cycle time & cost of quality.

About BHGE: 
BHGE is the world's first and only fullstream company. Only BHGE has a fullstream capability: the portfolio, the technology and the people to radically transform the oil and gas industry and deliver unparalleled improvement in industrial yield for our customers. From reservoir to refinery, from the depths of the sea to the cloud.

We are committed to enhancing our customer experience through on-time delivery of high quality product and services - and to that end we strive to improve our internal efficiencies through implementing consistent and standard processes and methods built on latest digital technologies.
CFIHOS provides us an apportunity to review - and in the future, influence - a consistent method of information transformation and handover from department to department, and company to company. We are excited to be part of this critical initiative, which we believe will have lasting impact on the Oil & Gas industry through improving health, safety & quality.