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New CFIHOS Member Hanwha Total as per 01 Aug 2018

Hanwha Total has joined the CFIHOS project as Review member as per 01 August 2018. We welcome Uk Chae who will represent Hanwha Total in the detailed project discussions



About Uk Chae:

Uk Chae is participating in the project for developing the company’s new Engineering Data Management process and structures. He is involved in structuring Data Model as the part of the project. He is a mechanical engineer and started the work at SamsungTotal (formerly, the company used to be the joint venture of Samsung and Total) as an inspection engineer

About Hanwha Total: 

Hawha Total is a petrochemical company founded in 1988 as a name of Samsung General Chemicals. It’s a joint venture of Hanwha and Total since 2015. Main products are Ethylene, SM, PX, Diesel, Kerosine and Polymers such as LDPE, EVA, PP etc. the company started the business as an ethylene producer and extended an operation range to refineries