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New USPI/CFIHOS member Talent Swarm as per 27 Jan 2019

Talent Swarm has joined USPI and will also join the CFIHOS project as Review member as per 27 Jan 2019. We welcome Jim Novack who will represent Talent Swarm on the management board (MB) of USPI.


About Jim Novack: 

Jim Novack is CEO of Talent Swarm, a technology innovation spin-off of Dynatec S.A. (www.dynatec.es), an engineering services company with a 40-year history based in Madrid, Spain with highly qualified engineers and technicians in design, construction and maintenance for the petrochemical, industrial and energy sectors, both conventional and nuclear, working on projects for their engineering companies worldwide.

Since graduating from UCLA in 1982 with an Electrical Engineering degree, Jim has been continuously involved with technology and business innovation projects, including the first adaptations and presentations to the European market of the KAYPRO transportable computer, and CEO of the real estate portal Avenida.com for one of the main Spanish newspapers, ABC.

This combination of engineering and management of outsourced talent has led to the creation and implementation of disruptive projects that solve real needs and improve people´s lives using technology, applied in a reliable, powerful and easy-to-use ways.  This approach is at the heart of Jim´s new project Talent Swarm (www.talentswarm.com), a real-time 3D virtual collaborative work environment (CWE) that combines the latest videogame, Big Data and telecom technology, a veritable “SimCity for Engineers” or “Industrial BIM”, serving as the cradle-to-grave data repository for large and complex engineering, construction and aviation projects.

About Talent Swarm:

Talent Swarm proposes the creation of smart industrial objects based on existing standards with imbedded physics that allows designers to join them to create complex systems with the ease of playing with LEGO®. Combining this concept with Big Data data bases hosted in the Cloud, secured with Blockchain, rendered using the same methods as videogames, communicating in real time including the data streams of IoT devices and biometric avatars of the workers, one may create rich and immersive Collaborative Work Environments (CWE) for complex projects. It has been described as a “SimCity for Engineers”, a human hive of intelligence and best practices.

It represents a whole new way to design, build, operate and maintain refineries, factories, infrastructures, buildings, airplanes and trains, as all the information of the project is maintained in a true Digital Twin of the real asset, and all its history is accumulated in a Digital Thread. This allows for huge improvements in efficiency, better designs and operation, and cost reductions from predictive maintenance estimated at 25% of the Total Cost of Ownership.  In addition, it provides access to global human resources and the best talent, including knowledgeable retired personnel, highly qualified technical resources working remotely from third world countries, and even handicapped individuals that may work from home.