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New CFIHOS/USPI member Sirfull as per 31 Oct 2019

Sirfull has joined USPI and the CFIHOS project as Review member as per 31 Oct 2019. We welcome Jean-Francois Renard in our detailed project discussions. 



About Jean-Francois Renard:

Jean-Francois has a strong background in digital technologies, in particular for equipment life cycle management in petrochemical industry. Working in close collaboration with R&D team and industrial experts, aiming to develop a collaborative solution offering a global overview on asset performance enabling integration of different entities related to the equipment management, establishing the dialogue and combining data from different sources.

About Sirfull:

SIRFULL is a French software editor with a rich experience in the digitalization of process industries, particularly, in the management of industrial Equipment Lifecycle. In order to elaborate the global standards in the industry and implement a common language for handover requirements for the process industries, we do believe that making eco-system collaborative and establishing the dialogue with different actors is a key success factor.