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USPI annual MB meeting - 13 Feb 2020, Hoofddorp, NL

On Thursday 13 Februari 2020, the USPI annual MB meeting was held at the Offices of Fluor in Hoofddorp, NL.

The meeting ran from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs, and was followed by drinks until 19:00 hrs. Over 50 experts and managers from The Netherlands, Europe, Malaysia and the US participated in the meeting.


The key topics were:

  • Management changes in USPI
  • USPI project proposals for 3D and Systems Engineering
  • The CFIHOS project
  • Current interest level in process industry for IM and standardization.
  • Investing in standardization in Building & Construction and Infrastructure

A brief summary of these key topics is given below with the agreed actions


Conclusions and actions on key topics:

  • At the closed meeting the activities done in 2019 were presented and the plan for 2020-2021 was approved by the members of USPI. They also approved Martin te Lintelo as successor of Paul van Exel who will continue his responsibilities for ISO matters and managing the administration. The intent is Martin will take over these activities in a later stage. Members also approved the position of Elbert van der Bijl as member of the Executive Committee of USPI. Anders Thostrup, chairman of USPI, thanked Paul van Exel for his tremendous efforts for driving USPI through difficult times when interest in standardization was limited and for successful delivery of the CFIHOS project and other projects.

  • USPI presented two project proposals for execution by industry in 2020 – 2021. The first proposal is to develop a common specification of 3D information required as basis for key applications in design, engineering, operations and maintenance. The second proposal aims at developing a common guide for Systems Engineering in process industries. The Terms of Reference (TOR) of these projects were made available as handout. There was discussion on the statement made by Leo van Ruijven that Systems Engineering development in the process industry supply chain still is very weak and will need to be strengthened significantly to provide a solid framework for requirements management, systems design, activities, information management and standardization. The knowledge of this field still is limited. USPI intends to bridge this gap with the Systems Engineering project and by running conferences and workshops around this theme. Some companies have indicated their interest to participate already and an action has started to gain wider momentum for these projects though workshops and teleconferences.

  • The CFIHOS project is being adopted widely by the industry supply chain and its software solution providers. In view of its size governance of CFIHOS is transitioned from USPI to IOGP with continued collaboration being captured in a formal agreement. The new Project Leader of IOGP presented status and plans for the coming period. The DEXPI group presented the status and plans of the DEXPI standard for P&ID exchange including a proposal for further alignment with the CFIHOS project, in particular of the RDL such that other industries will also be able to use those terms and definitions.

  • The collective feeling of participants was that the interest in investments in Information Management (IM) and standardization is growing. A key driver is the desire of many companies to work towards digital twins. Shell Norway presented an implementation of a digital twin illustrating the practice and highlighting the advantages. BP presented its views on models in CFIHOS required to develop digital twins. PipeXperts presented the use of advanced scanning in smart engineering to feed a digital twin with significant gains in the speed of development. It was confirmed there is a need for standards consortia to cooperate given the task still is huge. USPI intends to drive and support these trends though running joint conferences & workshops on IM improvements.

  • The Building & Construction and Infrastructure sector is investing seriously in standardization and cooperates with the process industry in a joint Dutch Standards committee NC391184. The development of the COINS standard using a container for exchange of information and its international follow-up in CEN supported by several European countries and ISO may be useful for the CFIHOS project. This will be investigated.


Below you will find the agenda 

Date:                  Thursday 13 Feb 2020
Place:                  Fluor B.V. , Taurusavenue 155, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Route:                 https://www.fluor.com/about-fluor/locations  (country NL, Amsterdam)
Contact:              Reception: Tel +31 (0)23 543 2432
Paul van Exel:      Tel +31 33 4657679, Mob +31 6 29023747
Martin te Lintelo:  Tel +31 
33 4657679, Mob +31 6 11818036

Click here to download the presentations