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New FL3DMS member Talent Swarm as per 18 Jun 2020

Talent Swarm has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 18 June 2020. We welcome Jim Novack in our detailed project discussions.



About Jim Novack:

Jim Novack is CEO of DYNATEC an engineering services company based in Madrid, Spain that provides highly qualified technical personnel to engineering companies worldwide.  It now has over 200 employees currently assigned to projects in the petrochemical, industrial and energy sectors, both conventional and nuclear.

But his current passion as its founder is Talent Swarm, an immersive videogame-like collaborative environment that allows professionals from around the globe to work together to design, build, operate and maintain complex industrial plants.  He believes that people working together not only solves technical issues, it also creates a collective intelligence and promotes global tolerance and understanding.

He is an Electrical Engineer from UCLA and a true entrepreneur like his 91 year old Father that after retiring from Dynatec, six years ago started an industrial bakery serving restaurants and hotels with the best Cheesecake and Chocolate cakes!

About Talent Swarm:

Talent Swarm firmly believes that soon all complex industrial projects will be required to have a real-time Digital Twin Simulator.  Main benefits are 1.) Safer and more efficient operation, 2.) Lower operational costs using prescriptive maintenance and 3.) Sharing employee knowledge throughout the organization by allowing remote collaboration.  Talent Swarm’s open data platform and long-term information repository is based on the CFIHOS standard, integrating with existing systems and providing an immersive, videogame-like environment.  Our belief is that standardization of equipment catalogs and direct input from Owner/Operators and EPCs within the association will result in a whole new way to manage complex industrial plants and take advantage of the promises of Industry 4.0.