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New FL3DMS member BP as per 11 Jun 2020

BP has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 11 June 2020. We welcome 'Bisi Obawole in our detailed project discussions.


About 'Bisi Obawole:

‘Bisi is a Project and Information management professional with 23 years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry. In his current role as Project Manager – Information standardization at bp,  ‘Bisi is maturing bp’s information standards while aligning with their industry equivalents. ‘Bisi participates in joint industry initiatives such as IOGP JIP-33 and JIP-36 (CFIHOS) developing common information standards aimed at improving supply chain efficiency.

About BP:

BP is an integrated energy company, operating in oil and gas, refining, biofuels, wind and solar energy. BP aims to be a very different kind of energy company by 2030 as its scales up investment in low-carbon, focuses its oil and gas production and makes headway on reducing emissions. BP’s new strategy kickstarts a decade of delivery towards it Net Zero ambition. The company aims to build a more digitally-enabled and integrated organization. 3D model standardization is seen as an important enabler towards realizing its ambition.