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New FL3DMS member Hexagon as per 29 Jul 2020

Hexagon has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 29 Jul 2020. We welcome Waldir Primental Junior in our detailed project discussions.


About Waldir Primental Junior:

Graduated in Computer Engineering, specialized in Systems Integration and also a Civil Engineer Technician. Around 20 years of experience working in Brazil and Singapore for EPCs, OOs (in diverse industries) as employee and consultant - not only for Hexagon tools but for different technology providers as well.
Currently works at Hexagon as Senior Industry Consultant in the EMIA region. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About Hexagon:

Hexagon's PPM division is the leading global provider of enterprise engineering software enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.
We support our customers in managing the facility lifecycle and digitalization, in which 3D models are a core component. The FL3DMS initiative will contribute to the success of achieving this..