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New FL3DMS member TOTAL as per 25 Jun 2020

TOTAL has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 25 Jun 2020. We welcome Jean Charles LECLERC in our detailed project discussions.


About Jean-Charles LECLERC:

Tranversal Manager with multi-functional experience of Information Project Management within oil and gas industry. IS-IM efficiency & rationalization in order to deliver added value for technical high-technology exploration, development and production projects at best cost. Multi-Domain Technical & Information-DATA projects coordinator across Entities, Thematics, Disciplines and Assets: Subsurface, G&G, Reservoir, GIS, Development, Operations and QHSE. Manage and optimize Geosciences & Reservoir tools & solutions: teams & projects coaching, contracts, strategy, rules and references for integration of Global Information Management System aligned with TOTAL Group standards policies including security and Business Continuity Plans aspects. I joined TOTAL's Digital Plant Program end of 2017 (Twin, Avatar): QUANTUM to federate operational disciplines stakeholders, contractors and vendors around exchangeable informations accessible thru a multidimensional collaborative portal. I promote the use of normalized practices within our O&G industry to add value and reducing costs, time to access qualified information and handover breakdowns along our assets lifecycles. Adopting common language and data management practices (sharing the same standardized reference information structure, define assets and sites corporate storages and governance principles processes, workflows, methods, trainings i.e.) across company then extended entreprise as a pillar and driver of operational excellence, to increase from anywhere the sharing on various sources of information. Shaping future DNA for next Industry 4.0 pilar: augmented reasoning capacities thanks to globally aligned Digital References & Assets Data Librairies unified and maintained backbone: uniqueness of information masters promotion and convergence (co-development) as adopted and shared value to shape numerical future (interoperability, APIsation, machine readable) based on commons (human understandable).

Support to normalization groups: IOGP/DISC & CFIHOS/JIP36, USPI/FL3DMS, AFNOR IDMI, TC184SC4 WG3-22 (ISO15926), ISO TC67 AG TF2&3 sentence & data centric

Today: Quantum Program (TOTAL Digital Twin) Data Management / MDM Officer(Master Data Model) : data strategy, governance, modeling, architecture, normalization, standards, digitalization, methods and processes. One.model development -> model centric approach (innovation & standards).