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New USPI member PALLAS as per 15 Jan 2021

PALLAS has joined USPI as per 15 Jan 2021. We welcome Chris Carter in our detailed project discussions.



About Chris Carter:

Chris Carter is Commissioning and Operational Readiness Manager for Stichting PALLAS. This includes responsibility for information management. Primarily an end user of information, he believes strongly that poor information management is the largest single cause of the failure of major capital projects.

Prior to joining PALLAS, Chris held roles in the design and construction of UK nuclear submarines and in the merchant navy


PALLAS is the new medical isotopes reactor that will replace the old High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten. PALLAS will start in 2025 with activities to produce medical isotopes for diagnosis, therapy and (medical) nuclear research.

The long (>60 years) expected lifecycle of the facility, strict safety requirements and commercial orientation drives PALLAS to seek a significant improvement in the ability to exploit (digital) asset information over comparable projects.