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New USPI and FL3DMS member DCW as per 25 Feb 2021

Digital Construction Works has joined USPI and FL3DMS as per 25 Feb 2021. We welcome David Ayeni in our detailed project discussions.


About David Ayeni:

A proven leader in Digital Transformation, Design, and Construction with significant commercial experience. Brings industry 4.0 domain expertise and is well-versed in leading teams to deploy Infrastructure around emerging technologies such as state-of-the-art construction technology to deliver business outcomes. Excels at identifying objectives, devising strategies, developing processes and mobilising cross-functional stakeholder groups to hit objectives without fail. A Chemical Process Engineer by training who thinks laterally to generate solutions to complex problems. An active listener who takes time to understand the underlying issues that cause business challenges. Brings high emotional intelligence and attention to detail to capitalise on insights from different industries. Highly professional and thoroughly prepared in his approach; diplomatic in delivering observations and delivering lines of evidence-based dialogue.


About Digital Construction Works:

Digital Construction Works (DCW)’s mission is to provide solutions and technical services to successfully deliver project outcomes and digital twins' creation during construction. DCW specializes in the automation and integration of several digital construction services, technologies, and work processes to enable game-changing improvements to project visibility, productivity, and predictability