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USPI Annual MB meeting - Thursday 11 Mar 2021

On 11 March, USPI held its annual Members Board Meeting. At the meeting the results of the past year and the plans for 2021 were presented.  In addition, presentations were given about the current work on ISO 15926 and its implementation on the Pallas project for the Petten nuclear facility in the Netherlands, and the new USPI project to deliver a Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Standard for the process industries. 


Key updates:

  • A new standardisation project, the Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS), in which a very enthusiastic working team has progressed quickly to deliver its first draft in January 2021, based on existing 3D specifications of the participating owner operators. It is anticipated that a final first version of the standard will be available in the first half of 2021, in addition to a business case that will identify all value opportunities associated with 3D model use in projects and assets, and in digital twins.

  • ISO 15926 is progressing a number of initiatives to modernise the standard, which need to be made accessible and useful to the next generation.  A poll amongst the participants confirmed by strong majority that the ISO 15926 work is seen as fundamental for our industry, and should continue.  ISO 15926 provides a solid theoretical foundation on which most other data standardisation efforts are build.  USPI will seek to address the current shortage of funding in support of this work.  The standard needs to be made more easy to adopt to increase its use, and a change management is required in this respect, pending funding.

  • In 2020 USPI concluded an effective handover of the CFIHOS project to IOGP thanks to a strong collaboration between the two organisations.  This was embodied in a recent MOU to facilitate RDL alignment at CFIHOS-Industry-ISO level, leveraging the envelope concept. The MOU will also ensure alignment of digitalisation roadmaps and CFIHOS/FL3DMS – to enable concurrent use in projects & assets

  • USPIs Members were keen to see more small events over the year to enable knowledge share and best practice exchange, not just on technical content and new developments such as AI, but also in support of change management, to engage senior managers and articulate business cases for data.  Members also requested USPI to publish its deliverables as open source and to organise joint events with its sister organisations such as DEXPI and CFIHOS on common use across projects. A number of volunteers came forward to assist with driving the program in 2021.


Ckick here to download the presentations (login required)