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New USPI member Semmtech as per 18 Mar 2021

Semmtech has joined USPI as per 18 Mar 2021. We welcome Rik Smit in our detailed project discussions.


About Rik Smit:

My job at Semmtech currently entails the following:

- Creating information models that can be used to register master data

- Facilitating exchange of linked data within a company

- Facilitating exchange of linked data between companies

- Guiding the implementation of MBSE (Model based systems engineering)in tools such as Relatics

Within Semmtech I’m responsible for the process industry and that’s the main reason I want to join the USPI: to get a better connection with the players in this sector.


About Semmtech:

We help clients to build data ecosystems of coherent, distributed, structured and meaningful data. Enabling intelligence in software and capitalization of data as an asset.  We would like to re-join the USPI to get in touch with colleagues from different organisations so that we can learn from each other and show what we have achieved the last few years.