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Industry Tagging Philosophy

Industry Tagging Philosophy - A proposal for consideration


Problem Statement - Tagging is a unique identifier in the field and in digital systems….​

-          Clarity about extent of tagging the ability to implement different engineering or operational use cases. Examples​

o    Design - The increasing use of modular and package systems can lead to inconsistent levels of tagging with the parent facility and need for rework​

o    Construction - identification or tagging of objects required to enable Advance Work Packaging​

o    Operational – identification of manual valves, civil infrastructure or flanges to enable specific operational or digital use cases​

o    Digital – level of tagging determines level of classification required. Consistency of tagging affects interoperability of digital systems.​

o    A digital representation of the facility that does not reflect the necessary level of content means expensive rework after project handover​

…..but there is no industry guide about what to tag​


-          Project and operational use cases require different levels of granularity of tagging to different asset levels​

o    Identify minimum tagging requirements from existing tagging specifications shared by owner operators.​

o    Identify additional tagging requirements for specific use cases. Identify use cases and related philosophies of tagging for activities such as operational controls (eg isolation, maintenance), project controls (eg AWP), integration of 3D model and CFIHOS data in a future digital twin.​

-          Based on recent experience from FL3DMS, such a standard should be achievable within a 1-2 year timeframe.​

Next Steps

Call for participation: ​

Do you agree with the need for an industry tagging philosophy?

-          Would you or your company be able to participate in its development?​

-          Would your company be able to contribute its current tagging philosophy as input to this work?​

-          How do you think we should organise this work?​



Subject to sufficient participation (10-15 companies), we will kick off a working group, appoint a lead, shape a TOR and kick off the work.

As per July 2022, 7 parties have already been identified.

Should you be interested to join or should you wish to have more information please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.