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FL3DMS (Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Specification) project Specification download - Jan 2023

FL3DMS (Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Specification) is a practical, application neutral, specification for the structure and content of 3D Models, designed to guide the creation and maintenance of 3D models in capital projects and assets.  It is based on existing company standards and best practices of the FL3DMS participants, and includes technical requirements for the creation and handover of 3D models to enable use-cases in projects and operations. These include 3D model design integration, Advance Work Packaging (AWP), Digital Twins and replication of 3D designs. 

The first version of the 3D specification was issued in 2021, and member organizations are now implementing it and identifying improvement opportunities for the next version. To accelerate adoption of the standard, and its maturation via feedback, it is available for the general public to download. You can request a download of FL3DMS from USPI by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

USPI FL3DMS requests a voluntary contribution of €500 to download the specification, cover the cost of administration, hosting and sharing the standard.  If you pay this contribution, you will receive perpetual updates of the standard and associated documents, such as the business case for maintaining the 3D Model as Built and the FL3DMS implementation guide. You will also be invited to provide feedback to influence future updates of the standard. USPI members can request the standard free of charge. 

By downloading the FL3DMS (Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Specification) Specification Rev 1_0, you agree to use the specification within your own organization and within the projects that are execute by it only. You agree not to share the specification with other organizations outside this scope. The intellectual property of the standard remains with USPI.

If your organization wishes to contribute to the development of the FL3DMS specification, you are invited to join USPI and FL3DMS as a member. Your company representatives will get full access to all USPI and FL3DMS members meetings, working group meetings and to the FL3DMS SharePoint or Teams (Microsoft) site where all project information is stored and can be accessed. We are currently working on the following deliverables:

  • The next release of FL3DMS specification, which will include requirements numbering and feedback from current users.  
  • An implementation guide on how to apply the specification
  • A conceptual data model on how to integrate 3D model data with other data sets defined by e.g. CFIHOS, DEXPI and CII AWP
  • A best practice guideline on As Built management of 3D models

Full FL3DMS membership is encouraged very much in view of the need to create critical mass and accelerate the standardization of the process industries.