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USPI Face to Face meeting on 04 - 06 June 2024

Dear ALL,

Please be invited to the FL3DMS - Tagging - USPI MB Face to Face meeting which will be held in Amsterdam on 04-06 June 2024.

The FL3DMS and Tagging meeting will be hosted by Shell at the Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam.
The USPI MB Meeting will be hosted online via Teams.

Cumulative registration results and meeting details can be found here

Please find the agendas below:


The objectives of the FL3DMS meeting will be:

  • Review and mature draft content in anticipation of the next release –including the FL3DMS standard itself, the implementation guide and the 3D catalogue positioning document. Define next steps for how to support 3D catalogues at company and industry level.
  • Update roadmaps and release plans and define clear objectives and content requirements for upcoming releases including process for managing changes
  • Broaden our awareness of other 3D Model Standards & Formats, and understand their position and overlaps relative to FL3DMS to improve alignment across the standards landscape. Decide on preffered formats for use when specifying 3D content from package suppliers and engineered equipment suppliers.
  • Assess current marketing efforts after publication of the 3D Model Lifecycle guide, and agree how we can better widen the footprint of the standard in terms of use and participation

Tagging (Only FTF)

The Objectives of the Tagging meeting will be:

  • Team alignment by defining a vison and mission based on the Terms of reference and the Tagging Use Case matrix.
  • Align on the terms used for tagging.
  • Define the Tag Life Cycle, from unmaterialized to materialized and maintenance.
  • Start with Sprint 3 activities to understand existing standards and how they amend each other with respect to tagging. 

USPI Annual MB (FTF and Online)

The Objectives of the USPI MB meeting (Thursday 07 June afternoon) will be:

  • Provide an update on the plans and organization of USPI, including change of leadership.
  • Provide an update on our key projects and activities, including ISO, FL3DMS, The Tagging Philosophy Standard and the Safaris
  • Highlight important developments in the data standard landscape – with a focus on Advance Work Packaging and Cost Management 

If you haven’t registered already just fill in this short survey form at your earliest convenience via this link

Please be aware that participants should bring a valid ID.

Office address:

Shell - Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA)

  • Grasweg 31
  • 1031 HW Amsterdam
  • Postal address
  • P.O. Box 38000
  • 1030 BN Amsterdam

We look forward to seeing you in June