Assocation USPI-NL is a formal Non Profit Association created in 1997 which is open to all companies world wide being a part of or serving the Process and Power Industry.

In practice this means: plant owners, contractors, suppliers, software vendors, mgt consultancies and training institutes. 

Stichting USPI-NL is a formal legal entity and functions as the service body to the association. 

Management of USPI-NL consists of the following bodies: 
  • Management Board 
  • Executive Committee 

The Management Board steers the Executive Committee.  
The Executive Committee manages both the Association and the Stichting on an operational basis.  

USPI co-operates closely with global trade-associations for the process and power industry i.e.: IOGP, THTH, ENAA, THTH, DEXPI, MIMOSA, EPIM STI, POSC Caesar, BIM NL.  

USPI takes part in ISO TC184/SC4 and holds the convenorship of WG3 which is responsible for the development and Maintenace of ISO15926. 

The Management Board (MB) represents all members

  • Each member organisation is represented by one Management Board member called the MB member for that company
  • The Executive Committee (EC) executes the operation of Association USPI-NL 
    and Foundation USPI-NL

By having dedicated project leaders and an ISO director USPI will be able to attract various project leaders provided there are sufficient number of project opportunities for which industry is willing to pay money or contribute in-kind. 
Examples L3DEX (FL3DMS), ISO 15926, ORCHID, Implementation workshops (ISO 15926, NEN2660, and others)