Why to join and how to become a member?

Membership to the Association USPI-NL is open to the following categories of companies:
o    Plant Owners, 
o    EPC-Contractors, Engineering Offices, 
o    Suppliers of equipment to the process industry i.e. pumps, pipes, vessels, instrumentation, electrical systems, automation systems, etc, 
o    Software Vendors & suppliers, 
o    Management and technical consultancies, 
o    Universities and training institutes 

The membership holds for the company. Each member company appoints one staff responsible for communicating the company requirements to the association and communicating the association activities to the company. The appointed staff joins the Management Board (MB) of USPI-NL and thereby becomes MB member. The company representative should have a position with the responsibility and authority to get things moving within the company and to get messages from their company to USPI across. It is expected of member companies that they actively participate in the activities of the industry lifecycle information management and standardization platform.
The MB member also acts as focal point for administrative matters. That task can also be delegated to another staff in the company. Member companies pay an annual contribution to USPI-NL that is related to the size of the company, measured in number of employees. Membership is open to companies outside the Netherlands. Should your company wish to join, please download the latest subscription form and follow the instructions.

Member benefits
1.      Networking
• Be able to meet management, engineering, ICT staff from peer companies and from solution providers from the Process & Power industry supply chain and directly work with them internationally.  
• Participate in annual meetings, workshops, projects, Company safari’s and standards activities.  
• Be informed of the latest developments in life-cycle data sharing and exchange internationally.  

2.      Strategy  
• Share knowledge about the strategy for life cycle data management and international standardization 
• Adopt the Next Generation Scenario (NGS) for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical supply chain 
• Adopt the CEN Orchid roadmap for life cycle data storage and sharing in process industries
• Participate in the development of the ISO 15926 roadmap under ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 3. 

3.      Projects 
• Access and adopt to frameworks and methodologies from joint lifecycle data development and implementation projects. Examples CFIHOS, As Built Best document practice, Orchid roadmap implementation, MKM roadmap implementation, ISO 15926 roadmap implementation.   
• Participate in joint projects such as common piping specifications, intelligent schematics, standard data sheets. 

4.      Services 
• Assess your company’s information maturity and compare to peer group companies. 
• Join knowledge workshops on business cases, ISO 15926, MKM, CFIHOS 
• Get assistance in company pilot projects 
• Have access to handbooks on lifecycle information management and standardization 
• Be able to address lifecycle information questions both of managerial and technical nature. 

5.      Standards 
• Participate in the development and maintenance of international standards for the process industries such as ISO 15926, CFIHOS. 
• Maintain and enhance existing standards and practices such as As Built Best practice, Orchid lifecycle maturity roadmap, Maintenance Knowledge Management roadmap, ISO 15926-4 

6.      Financial; benefits 
• Members enjoy a price reductions of 255 on fees for conferences, workshops and services.
Please send the filled-out form to this e-mail address, to attention of P.W.H.M. van Exel.