Information Handover

Information Handover Guide and prototype

 On 2 and 10 April 2003 USPI-NL held two workshops with 17 participants from plant owners, EPC contractors and major equipment suppliers to discuss plant information handover between partners at project completion. The work was done in the context of the USPI-NL Roadmap for sharing and storing lifecycle data in the process industry focusing on the phase "Today". The activity was lead by Mr. Dalip Sud from Shell Global Solutions. 

Current handover practices were exchanged and it was unanymously concluded that there is a clear business case to come to industry agreements for information handover.
The main areas for industry agreements for information handover were identified. For the two areas with highest priority a forward plan was made. These were:

  1. Drive towards a common industry handover guide. The guide should build on the ISO Register for common definitions in industry and should offer a practical software prototype. 

  2. Retrieving Vendor documentation manuals from catalogues from their websites rather than pushing it through from equipment vendor to EPC contractor to plant owner.

Since then in 2003 and 2004 work has continued to achieve a common information hand over guide in an international workgroup consisting of:

    1. Dalip Sud, Shell Global Solutions, NL
    2. Paul van Exel, Stichting USPI-NL, NL
    3. Onno Paap, Fluor Haarlem, NL
    4. Mark Palmer, NIST USA
    5. Kristine Fallon, Fallon and associates, USA
    6. Ian Glendinning, AVEVA, UK
    7. Judy Ludlow, Petro-Canada, Canada
    8. Dale Osmond, AMEC, USA
    9. Steve Pearson, Pearson & Harper, UK
    10. Andries van Renssen, Shell Global Solutions, NL
    11. Koji Kawamura, Japan

The guide will be published in two parts. Part 1 defines the concept of information handover according common industry agreemments. This patrt is published jointly by FIATECH and USPI-NL. It can be downloaded here . This part is valid for a range of industries:

Part 2 of the guide will be dedicated to process industry. It includes a software prototype that was created by Onno Paap, senior information system consultant of Fluor. The prototype allows a project manager to specify the documentation required for each piece of equipment of an installation making use of common internationally agreed definitions established in ISO156926-4 that includes an intrenationally agreed equipment and document structture.As a result the exported specification file can be interpreted unambiguously by the partners in the plant engineering supply chain. 
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Brief history
In the years 1995 - 1997 an information handover guide was developed by the EPISTLE group. Companies such as Lyondell Chemical, ABB Lummus make use of this guide. It is a paper guide giving guidance on information handover for large projects. The above work fully builds on this work. The original EPISTLE handover gudie Part 1 and Part 2 can be downloaded here.