As Build Best Practice

As Built Best Practice: A plant owner initiative

 At the intiative of iBanx some 20 Dutch and Belgian plant owners have developed a best practice for knowing what technical documentation should be kept as built.

Knowing what to maintain as-built and why is a problem for all plant owners as there are many regulations and as company policies differ. The group therefore has resolved this by combining their as-built practices into a data base so that comparison became possible.
From there a "top 40" list of document types to maintain as-built was derived that is now being adopted in the participating companies yielding industry commonality and benefits for the individuual companies.

The Top 40 list will be publicly availabe from the USPI website. Tools and knowledege around this will be provided through workshops and consultancies. 

The data base will be maintained and further developed by the industry group under USPI and leadership of BASF Antwerp. Further development will include the link between the definitions and document types used to ISO15926-4 and growth towards an accepted industry practice and pro-activity

Mr. Tony Houthaeve from BASF Antwerpen will present this approach in the Management Board meeting of USPI to be held 14 March 2007 at the offices of Lyondell, Rotterdam. Should you wish more information, please contact us.