CFIHOS Workshop 23 Oct 2014 (2)

On 23 Oct 2014 the Capital Facilities Information Hand Over Specification (CFIHOS) Workshop was held at the offices of Shell at Rijswijk, NL The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • Inform participants of the CFIHOS industry standard
  • Present and demonstrate the current implementations of the standard
  • Propose ways forward for participants to implement CFIHOS in their company


The workshop has been successful in meeting the objectives. Since there were many participants the workshop has also contributed to growing the industry platform required to achieve standards implementations with the support of the software suppliers. Since the workshop Chevron has decided to join the CFIHOS project as Core member.


You will find background informaiton about the CFIHOS project on CFIHOS project update of 12 Jun 2014 at the MB meeting

Max number of participants 24

Here you can download the agenda and the conclusions of the workshop. 

Should you wish to join the workshop, please download the response form and send it to e-mail adres in the form. There is a maximum of 24 participants since wee wish to have sufficient time for all to absorb the information and to have in depth understanding.

Should you wish to have more information, you can contact Paul van Exel, Dirctor of USPI, see under "contact".