CFIHOS FTF meeting 09 - 13 April 2018 Paris, FR

CFIHOS FTF meeting 09 - 13 April 2018

On 09 - 13 April 2018 the CFIHOS FTF meeting was held near Paris, France and was hosted by TOTAL.



Purpose of meeting 

The meeting purpose was to get to know each other better in person, provide education to new members, review the project against plan and achieve consensus on the future plan. 


·         Share expert knowledge and views about CFIHOS. 

·         Educate members on CFIHOS standard

·         Get work done in the various teams according highest priorities

·         Achieve consensus on a plan and tactics for longer term CFIHOS funding 

·         Review whole project against the plan  

·         Relationship between CFIHOS and EPIM STI, DEXPI, MIMOSA, JIP33


Objectives of meeting


·         Educate on the CFIHOS specdoc, scopedoc, RDL including maintenance 

·         Share latest knowledge in implementation of CFIHOS in projects and discuss a CFIHOS user forum 

·         Achieve consensus on delivery of equipment supplier information according CFIHOS and other specifications used in practice

·         Achieve consensus on example content of the Guidance Documentation and phasing

·         Achieve consensus of document types, metadata, docs per equipment

-  Review the results so-far.

·         Share latest options for future CFIHOS maintenance under ISO and agree tactics 

-  Inform about progress made in ISO and consequences for CFIHOS.  

·         Data model

-  Present the final changes proposed to the data model in Paris plus the consequences of it for the standard and implementation 

·         Agree CFIHOS participation to the TC 184/SC 4 meetings

-  75th Plenary – Beijing, China 21-26 May 2018, Beijing, China

·         Update the CFIHOS delivery plan agreed in London in Feb 2017.

·         Plan for CFIHOS V1.3 conformance requirements for industry and software.