Views of Amec Foster Wheeler on CFIHOS

The oil and gas industry has recently experienced a significant downturn. There is a need to deliver projects much more efficiently, with improved productivity, while retaining quality, and reducing cost.  

A number of industry organisations are addressing this by reviewing systems and workflows, and through collaborative engagement, introducing standardisation of

approach to project delivery, including recognition of the need for real information management, with industry-wide standards.”

Amec Foster Wheeler has adopted the CFIHOS standard and is building this into our standard project systems.  Amec Foster Wheeler is focused on maximizing the benefits of using data centric delivery solutions, (enter data once, use many times) to drive efficiency.  The CFIHOS standard is already built in to our Integrated Engineering Systems environment and also feeds the configuration of our Asset Information Hub, which captures all data, documents and models for information handover from projects to operations. 

For further information about Amec Foster Wheeler’s adoption of CFIHOS please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.