ISO 15926

The ISO15926 standard was started as a non-STEP standard in order to achieve results quicker by avoiding the complexity of translating the protocol from ARM to AIM level as is required by STEP. The standard initially comprised a data model and a reference data library, and now comprises the following parts:

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ISO 13584

This is a standard developed especially for building catalogs. The main contributors to this standard have been the university of Poitiers, the university of Hagen and various groups in Japan. The standard is applied e.g in the catalogs of JEMA, JEMIMA and ECALS in Japan. Detailed information can be found here.





ISO 10303

The ISO 10303-221 is a STEP standard protocol for the exchange of intelligent schematics between different software applications. It can be used for instance for the exchange of P&ID's between an application of an EPC contractor and a plant owner or between an equipment supplier and an EPC contractor.

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