Orchid Roadmap

In 2010 the CEN ORCHID project was completed by a large group of industrial companies from Europe.

The project was led by USPI since the association USPI had created the USPI roadmap for plant life cycle data information management in 2002

The CEN ORCHID project delivered three standards

·         CWA 16180 Part 1. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Direction and Framework

·         CWA 16280 Part 2. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Implementation Guide

·         CWA 16180 Part 3. CEN ORCHID Roadmap: Standards Landscape

The CEN ORCHID project also delivered two brochures

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Mission & Vision


"Companies in the process industries shall be able to share and/or exchange electronically the information needed to design, build, operate and maintain process and power plants using internationally accepted standards".

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USPI strategy follows four main axes:

1.     Build on internal industry developments

2.     Build critical industry alignment starting with Plant owners

3.     Improve dialogue with Government bodies on when to adopt ISO standards for safe operations

4.     Formulate common industry requirements for Software vendors

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