Mission & Vision


"Companies in the process industries shall be able to share and/or exchange electronically the information needed to design, build, operate and maintain process and power plants using internationally accepted standards".

The vision will be achieved according to the USPI Roadmap for life-cycle data sharing and storing for the process industry supply chain that was published in February 2002. Key points of the roadmap are:

1.     The vision will be realized in a number of subsequent data readiness phases.

2.     Both internal and external data readiness of companies is important. No "Big Bang "is to be expected. Internal data readiness will preceed external data readiness.

3.     Only in 2 - 3 years time will process industry commence true data integration. Only in 5 years time will process industry commence mature data integration in that data are integrated both within the company and with the external partners.

4.     For successful moving forward along the roadmap an infrastructure will grow the coming 2 - 3 years of software vendors, consultancy firms and training institutes that can support process industry to achieve the vision.


"To improve safety, environmental care, integrity, reliability and achieve faster projects, cost reduction and innovation by developing and adopting international standards for life cycle data management".

The scope of USPI as given by industry, is:

1.     Full Life cycle data management including standards and practices development and implementation.

2.     Housing both international activities and regional activities.

3.     Business model with committed participation at cost.

This way the association will be able to assist industry companies and knowledge and solution providers in improving their business and their competitive position in the world market.