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USPI Newsletter Juli

In February we held our annual members F2F MB meeting at the Fluor offices in Hoofddorp where a competent field of presenters addressed key industry initiatives such as digitalization, systems engineering, digital twins and handovers for both green- and brownfield situations. The strong attendance underlined the relevance of the topics - and we would like to thank our members, our MOU partners, the presenters and Flour for their participation and contributions. For more information, see this link.  

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New FL3DMS member Shell as per 05 Jun 2020

Shell has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 05 Jun 2020. We welcome Tony Beamish in our detailed project discussions.



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New FL3DMS member McDermott as per 08 May 2020

McDermott has joined the Facility Lifecycle 3D Model Standard (FL3DMS) as per 08 May 2020. We welcome John Leeflang in our detailed project discussions.



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3D Model Specification Kick-off meeting

On Thursday 12 March 2020, the kick-off meeting was held for the 3D Model Specification proposed by USPI. Ca 40 people attended the 2 hour web conference, including most major owner operators and EPCs, as well as several software suppliers, service providers and knowledge institutes.

The objective of the 3D Model Specification project is to create a practical specification to be used by Owner Operators in the contracts with EPCs that can optimize the return on the investment in a 3D model. The specification should capture current best practice of Owner Operators to optimize the value of the 3D model throughout the execution of a capital project and subsequently in the operate phase.  The specification shall enable the creation of a digital twin, allowing real time data to be projected upon the 3D model. The specification will in the first instance be applicable to proprietary 3D modelling systems, but may evolve into a neutral format over time.

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USPI annual MB meeting - 13 Feb 2020, Hoofddorp, NL

On Thursday 13 Februari 2020, the USPI annual MB meeting was held at the Offices of Fluor in Hoofddorp, NL.

The meeting ran from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs, and was followed by drinks until 19:00 hrs. Over 50 experts and managers from The Netherlands, Europe, Malaysia and the US participated in the meeting.

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New CFIHOS/USPI member Accenture as per 12 Nov 2019

Accenture has joined USPI and the CFIHOS project as Review member as per 12 Nov 2019. We welcome Andrea Dentone in our detailed project discussions. 


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