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New Member PhusionIM 04 Sept 2015 (2)

PhusionIM has joined USPI as per 04 Sept 2015. We welcome Ian Cornwell, who will represent PhusionIM on the Management Board (MB) of USPI.

Ian Cornwell PhusionIM
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New Member Datum360 Aug 2015 (2)

Datum360 joined USPI in August 2015. We welcome Lin Whitworth, who will represent Datum360 on the Management Board (MB) of USPI.

Lin Whitworth Datum360
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USPI Annual MB Meeting 28 May 2015 (2)

On the 28 May 2015 the USPI annual MB meeting was held at the ISVW (International School of Philosophy) in Amersfoort, NL. The meeting run from 13.00 - 18.00 hr followed by drinks.

The meeting was open to staff from member companies and staff from non-members companies. There was no charge.

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New Member Bentley Systems 10 mar 2015 (2)

Bentley Systems have joined USPI as per 01 Jan 2015. We welcome Glen Worrall, who will represent Bentley Systems in the Management Board (MB) of USPI. 

Glen Worrall Bentley Systems
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