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Summary of FL3DMS FTF meeting of 4-6 June 2024


USPI Hosts Successful Annual 3D Model Standardisation Meeting for the FL3DMS team at Shell’s Amsterdam Office.

From June 4 to June 6, 2024, USPI held a productive FL3DMS Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting at Shell's office in Amsterdam. The event brought together leading companies in the process industry supply chain to collaborate on how to further improve the standard and widen its use.

The meeting addressed key challenges such as methods for As Building 3D Models, management and sharing of 3D catalogues, and integration of 3rd party content from module- or equipment-suppliers. The open dialogue and constructive contribution of all participants reflected the willingness of the Owner Operators, EPCs and Software Suppliers to solve the key pain-points related to 3D Models. 

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USPI Chairmans letter 2024

Dear USPI members and interested parties,

Hereby our annual update on the activities and plans of USPI. It starts with a summary of data standardization developments in the process industries and in USPI. It subsequently moves on to our plans for the coming period, in which more will be published on our website in due course.

Developments in process industries & USPI

Efforts to put in place data standards for the process industries are progressing, despite cost pressures that affect resource availability for such work. The response of the standardization bodies has been greater cooperation on the development of data standards across the sub-sectors of chemicals, oil and gas, nuclear and power generation.

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3D Model Lifecycle Management Guide for Process Plants

 3D Model Lifecycle Management Guide for Process Plants

An informative guide to scoping a 3D model for use in capital projects and asset digital twins and to the activities & investments necessary to build and maintain it throughout the facility lifecycle.


The 3D Model Lifecycle Management Guide was developed on the back of the Facilities Lifecycle 3D Model Specification (FL3DMS), which is a practical, application-neutral specification for the structure and content of 3D Models, designed to guide the creation and maintenance of 3D models in capital projects and assets.  It is based on existing company standards and best practices of the FL3DMS participants and includes technical requirements for the creation and handover of 3D models to enable use-cases in projects and operations.  The first version of the 3D specification was issued in 2021.  

In parallel with the second revision of the FL3DMS standard, work started on educational guides for implementing the FL3DMS standard in a 3D Model and managing and maintaining 3D Models for the entire asset lifecycle. The team has also developed a business case for maintaining the 3D model during the lifecycle of a facility. The FL3DMS implementation guide for the FL3DMS standard is under development and will be released later in 2024. 

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USPI Face to Face meeting on 04 - 06 June 2024

Dear ALL,

Please be invited to the FL3DMS - Tagging - USPI MB Face to Face meeting which will be held in Amsterdam on 04-06 June 2024.

The FL3DMS and Tagging meeting will be hosted by Shell at the Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam.
The USPI MB Meeting will be hosted online via Teams.

Cumulative registration results and meeting details can be found here

Please find the agendas below:


The objectives of the FL3DMS meeting will be:

  • Review and mature draft content in anticipation of the next release –including the FL3DMS standard itself, the implementation guide and the 3D catalogue positioning document. Define next steps for how to support 3D catalogues at company and industry level.
  • Update roadmaps and release plans and define clear objectives and content requirements for upcoming releases including process for managing changes
  • Broaden our awareness of other 3D Model Standards & Formats, and understand their position and overlaps relative to FL3DMS to improve alignment across the standards landscape. Decide on preffered formats for use when specifying 3D content from package suppliers and engineered equipment suppliers.
  • Assess current marketing efforts after publication of the 3D Model Lifecycle guide, and agree how we can better widen the footprint of the standard in terms of use and participation
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USPI Workshop on 16 April 2024: Lessons learned from large capital projects

USPI Safari workshop

Lessons learned from large capital facility projects:
Bridging the gap between IM and the business


Early 2023 two Safaris were held on information management of the Dutch nuclear Pallas project. It was shown how the plant information modeling was done using  international standards. These Safaris were well visited and appreciated.

On 16 Apr 2024 a Safari workshop was held on lessons learnt from doing information management of large capital facilities over their life cycle in general.

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USPI Safari about CFIHOS - 29 June 2023

USPI Safari about CFIHOS

Learn more about: The Capital Facilities Information Hand-Over Specification (CFIHOS)

Please be invited to our USPI Safari about The Capital Facilities Information Hand-Over Specification (CFIHOS), also known as IOGP JIP36, on 29 June 2023 from 02:00 PM – 04:00 CEST.

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