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New CFIHOS member PinacleART as per 10 Oct 2018

PinnacleART has joined the CFIHOS project as review member as per 10 October 2018. We welcome Sam Todd who will represent PinnacleARt in the Detailed project discussions.


About Sam Todd:
Sam Todd serves as Project Manager with PinnacleART, the global leader in providing comprehensive asset reliability and integrity solutions to complex processing facilities. Sam supports project executions for several clients internationally, specifically, stewarding data management to help facilities make more informed decisions. 

About PinnacleART:
PinnacleART designs, implements, and maintains comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs for process facility owners in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, wastewater, and electric power industries – including national oil companies, supermajors, majors, and independents. Our vision is to make the world reliable, one customer at a time and we believe CFIHOS is aligned with that vision.